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Passionate innovation professional with a proven track record in supporting organizations in innovation excellence and business model innovation

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Business model innovation

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Angelique Plugge

Innovation Driver - Owner of Xploremore

Angelique Plugge, Innovation Driver, owner of Xploremore. Passionate innovation professional with a proven track record in supporting organizations in innovation excellence and business model innovation.

Initiator of ING’s innovation facility, currently known as ING Labs

Setup of the exploration capability and team with the purpose to fill ING’s innovation pipeline with horizon 2/3 innovation

Development of exploration approach and methods

Mentor and coach of innovation teams

Development of new value propositions and business models

Running of digital transformation projects

Running of organizational change programs

Managed multiple teams (both professionals and operational teams)

I am one of the initiators of the Leading Innovation Excellence Program at the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship.


This program was inspired by the Certified Innovation Mentor Program I graduated from at the University of Notre Dame/ Mendoza Business School. Today I contribute to creating the curriculum, teach as a guest lecturer and coach the participants in their personal impact projects.

Dr. Nancy Tennant

Professor/Advisor/Speaker/Former Innovation VP Whirlpool

“Angelique is an amazing innovation professional. She has very deep business knowledge and uses that as a platform to facilitate teams to create innovations that are valued by customers. She sees the big picture as well as can work on the details to accomplish any task. Her interpersonal and leadership skills are excellent. She can tackle the most difficult challenges and she collaborates to deliver the best solution”

Hugo Raaijmakers

Global Head of Innovation Transformation | PA Consulting

“I really enjoyed working with Angelique. She has a deep understanding and experience of applying innovation methodologies in a corporate environment. She has an ability to generate crystal clear innovation opportunities based on future value spaces. I truly adore her positive attitude and mindset and the way she manages projects, initiatives and people. She is focused on results and making an impact, and I highly recommend her”

Benoît Legrand

Chief Innovation Officer at ING CEO of ING Ventures

“Angelique is an enthusiastic and driven professional. She is leading projects and innovation initiatives focusing on connecting hearts and minds!”

Kees-Jan Rameau

Chief Strategic Growth Officer, Board of Directors Eneco

"Thanks to Angelique for an inspiring session about how to increase the effectiveness of our innovation efforts. She is great at transferring the wealth of relevant knowledge she has on innovation. The session gave me multiple insights that I can use in my daily practice"


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